Makeup Academy

One of the most popular and rewarding current career opportunities involves the makeup industry. Working as a professional makeup artist can be a very fulfilling career for people that are interested in makeup. Makeup is something that you can be very passionate about because it is almost like an art form. Makeup does have the ability to transform if you know the right application techniques to use. Enrolling in a makeup academy is just what you need to take your passion of makeup to the next level. Applying foundation is one of the most basic fundamentals of makeup application, but it will be one of the first skills that you will learn in a makeup academy.


Here are some of the fundamentals of foundation application that you can expect to learn at a makeup academy:


Brush or Sponge


There are many ways that you can choose to apply foundation, but using an application tool is the ideal method. There are some people that do prefer to use their hands even when they are applying foundation on clients. However, you can often get much more of a flawless look if you choose to use a makeup brush or even a sponge. The most popular makeup sponge right now is the Beauty Blender. This is a type of makeup sponge that you only use wet. This means that you submerge the sponge into water before you dip it in foundation and then apply it to your face. When using a blender sponge to apply foundation, you use a blotting motion. This gives you a foundation look that is flawless.


The Right Shade


Not only do you need to be concerned with which application tool you use when applying foundation, but you also need to use the right shade of foundation. This means that you always need to know what skin tone you are trying to match when you are looking for the right foundation to apply. If you are light or dark, there is a shade that is right for you, but you need to find a foundation that offers a wide range of shades. In some instances, you might have to combine to shades of foundation together to match your skin tone perfectly. The better match you find, the more flawless it will look when applied to your skin. At a makeup academy, you will learn how to find just the right foundation shade for you and clients.