Top Makeup Schools

Choosing the top makeup schools is not easy. There are many different schools that you can choose from, but the best options within the industry are the ones that offer the best pro advice. This means that you want to learn the tips and tricks that offer the best results. There is a lot more that goes into applying makeup than meets the eye. Some of the makeup tips that work the best might be a little surprising.

Orange Pigment

If you are looking to really cover up the dark circles that are on display under your eyes, you can try using orange pigmented makeup. Most concealers are white in color, but an orange pigmented makeup will work best because it will counteract the blue of the circles that are under your eyes. This means that you can try applying a small amount of orange eye makeup under your eyes to give you the coverage that you need.


If you have a pencil eyeliner that has dried out a little bit, it might be difficult to use when you are trying to line your eye. You might notice that it pulls your eye lid. All you have to do to solve this problem is to dip your eye pencil in a bit of sheer lip balm to make sure that it will glide on smooth when you are applying the liner. Just use a small amount because a little will go a long way.

Eye Drop Uses

You can apply eye drops that are designed to remove redness directly to your skin. These eye drops will work quickly to make your redness less noticeable. You can also try applying a small amount of green concealer to your skin because green is a color that cancels out red. These are a few new ways to get rid of redness for good on your face.You can also use eye drops if you are looking to make your tube of mascara last longer. Mascara can dry out easy and become clumpy, but all you have to do is add a few drops of eye drops to your mascara to make sure that it is not clumpy and that it goes onto your lashes smoothly. Only a few drops need to be added.
These are a few of the best makeup tips that are a bit odd, but are taught at some of the best makeup schools.